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C64 to C128 PSU Adapter


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Use one universal PSU for C64 or C128. Simple C64 (round DIN 7-pin) to C128 (rectangular DIN 5-pin) power supply plug adapter.

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Commodore C64 to Commodore C128 PSU Adapter

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Universal solution for C64 and C128 users. Simple 16cm (6.3″) adapter allowing to connect the C128 computer to C64 PSU. Round female DIN-7 pin (C64 standard) to male rectangular DIN 5-pin (C128 standard).

Created for C64/C128 PRO PSU line but it’s compatible with all our C64 PSU models (2A and 4A output).

TIP: Mind the C128 draws more power than regular C64 and for enhanced/ systems the dedicated C128 PSU or C128 PRO PSU is recommended (4A at 5VDC rail).

Commodore C64 to C128 PSU adapter. Commodore C64 to C128 PSU adapter


For many years we are listening to your feedback and offering the unique, new replacement PSU for Commodore computers. Thanks to continuous contact with Commodore users community worldwide our PSU is getting better with every feedback we receive. It’s 10th revision offered now, always designed with retro computing love and by active C64, C128 & Amiga users.

We are proud to say that our original PSU design becomes an industry standard, accepted and valued worldwide. What a pity it has been copied and crippled by many other sellers hungry for “easy” profit. Offering PSU packed in fancy enclosures & stuffed with tons of ridiculous marketing slogans like “designed from scratch”. Please beware of these copies as we can’t take responsibility for their quality, safety features and overall performance.

C64 to C128 power adapter. C64 to C128 PSU adapter.

Great add-on for our C64/C128 PSU PRO power supply model!

C64 to C128 PSU adapter genuine logo.

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